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About xKmph.com
xKmph.com is an online as well as an offline non-profitable Motorcycle Community for the passionate bikers in India.

'X' being the algebraic variable, brings 'x' value of Kmph i.e. Kilometers Per Hour (Speed) to the biking Community. It also means 'x' biking speed.

The bikers are those who ride bikes and does not necessarily mean only those who ride their bikes at their top speeds. The Biker may be riding a bike at a speed of 10 kmph or even a bike at 300 kmph. So any bikers who rides a bike can join this club and share their experience with others.

The main motto of xKmph is to bring all bikers together and share different aspects of Biking and making the biking atmosphere more friendly for the bikers.

xKmph has the facility to accommodate all types of Bikers i.e. Scooters, Four Stroke Bikes, Two Strokes, Mopeds, Indian Bikes, Foreign bikes etc....

The members not only can Discuss about Biking and other related areas but also can submit their photographs to be viewed by others and also use our classified system to sell or buy biking stuffs.

xKmph welcomes all bikers to its platform to form a Bikers Experience more fruitful and meaningful.

Welcome All



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