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xKmph : In The Media

telegraph cutting

Siliguri, Aug 19, 2007: Motorcycle freaks, here’s your chance to meet like-minded people from across the globe and talk about Honda Fireblades, Suzuki Hayabusas and Harley-Davidsons, not to forget your very own Bajaj Pulsar.

The idea has turned out to be a hit: more than 1,800 bikers from different parts of the country, including Siliguri, Darjeeling, Calcutta, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Chennai, and even from Bhutan have joined the community in the past four months.

The website offers a host of facilities like live chat, discussion boards, reviews, photo gallery, classified sections for buying and selling motorcycles, new launches and articles by registered users. .... READ MORE

Read its online version : The Telegraph (North Bengal and Sikkim)

new india press

Chennai, Oct 3rd 2007 :

ENGINES roar... the speedometer dial goes up... The xKmph.com is all set to cruise in Chennai at ‘x’ biking speed.

Yes, xKmph.com, an online biking club with members from Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, West Bengal, Sikkim and North East states, has started work on the ground in Chennai recently.... (more) (Print version comin)

Read it online : New Indian Express (Chennai)


bangalore media coverage, New Ind Press

Bangalore, October 19 2007 :

SPORTS bikes, super bikes, Indian bikes and stunt bikes all at one place. A dream? No. This Sunday near Jumbo Total Mall at 2.30 pm, Mysore Road flyover will witness more than 150 bikers showing off their bikes and performing stunts.

This get-together is an initiative by Bharath, a Bangalore off-line co-ordinator of an online community page called www.xKmph.com. “I have taken this initiative because I love my bike, I keep it like my pet, I love riding and guiding others on what is best for their bike,” says Bharath ... (Print Version Coming)

Read it online : New Indian Express (Bangalore)

bangalore media coverage, The Hindu

Bangalore, October 20 2007 :

Bangalore’s record number of bikes could be one reason why the city roads are so chaotic.

The riders are often cursed by pedestrians, car drivers, bus drivers, truck drivers, and of course, the men in khaki. Yet, beyond the gaze of the street hawks exist a tribe so passionate about biking that they will set up an online platform to debate, learn, record, and share just about anything about the two-wheeled wonders.

They call it “xKmph”, a club so open that it does not discriminate between scooters and four stroke bikes, mopeds and old two-strokes, Indian and foreign motorcycles...... (more) (Print Version Coming)

Read it online : The Hindu (Bangalore)


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